Download iOS 16.5 to fix These Critical Security Updates

Apple fixes iPhone security issues with the latest software update that might be actively exploited.

On Thursday apple released iOS 16.5 update. That is almost after 2 months after the release of iOS 16.4. This latest update will provide you with new features to your iPhone like a new sports tab in the Apple news app. Apple has fixed some security patches in this update.

How to download iOS 16.5 update?

To download iOS 16.5 update on your iPhone go to Settings > General > Software Update. Then follow the onscreen prompts.

The latest iOS 16.5 will update 40 patches and Apple claims that they fix 3 major security issues. Moreover, these are related to the webkit, the internet browser engine that was used in Safari that was developed by Apple.

These issues might breach your sensitive information to a third party, and they will access your information without your knowledge. Apple claims that this update will fix these issues.

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