iPhone 11 pro pta tax

If you are planning to buy an iPhone 11? So, you should know that the national telecom regulator PTA has raised taxes on the iPhone 11 series again. The iPhone is one of the world’s most popular smartphones because of its elegance and brand name. However, in countries like Pakistan, where inflation is rising, it is becoming harder and harder to buy an iPhone because of its high prices.

Updated PTA Taxes on iPhone 11 Series

iPhone ModelsPTA taxes on Passport (PKR)PTA taxes on CNIC (PKR)
iPhone 1194,280116,358
iPhone 11 Pro120,680145,398
iPhone 11 Pro Max124,360149,446.

The taxes on these smartphones are too high, which is very clear. Have you ever thought about how a phone that came out three years ago can still be worth more than when it was first sold? This is crazy. Instead of charging such high taxes, PTA should change how its taxes are set up. Aside from that, you can use our PTA tax calculator to find out the PTA fees for any other smartphone.

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