Opera Offers Free VPN to iOS to Compete with Google and Apple.

Opera revealed that its iOS app has been updated to include a free VPN. Before, the service worked on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android. With the release of Opera for iOS, it is now the first browser to offer a free VPN service on all major platforms.

Google, Opera’s biggest rival, also had its own VPN app for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC. But only people who pay for one of its Google One Premium plans can use its VPN. Apple also has a tool called iCloud Private Relay that can be used to encrypt an internet connection.

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However, Opera’s VPN does not require a subscription. The company says that users don’t need to make an account to log in or use the features of the app. Opera also says that it doesn’t collect any personal information. Also, you don’t need any extra apps to use the service. Users can start encrypting their VPN data by turning it on from the app’s main menu.

The company is able to give its end users free tools because it makes money in other ways. For example, from search, ads, and fees for licensing technology. We think that Opera Free VPN will make a profit between $370 million and $390 million in 2023.

However, a few new tools are being added to the iOS app. It has a new Bookmarks feature that lets you organize your favorite content. There is also a Live Scores tool that lets you see the latest scores of sports teams on the home page of the browser.

Opera has started giving iOS users free VPN, but it will take a few weeks for everyone to get it. So don’t worry if the new VPN tool will not show up when you open the iOS app.

Picture Credit: Opera