Sarkcyber HC200 e-scooter with 75km range and 70km/h top speed revealed.

Sarkcyber reveals its HC200 electric scooter in the Europe market. This e-scooter is powered by the 2.5kW electric motor powering the 70km/h Sarkcyber HC200 e-scooter. This HC200 has a 75km range and a 2.7kWh battery.

Sarkcyber’s HC200 is a commuter’s dream with its latest technology. The lineup lets different skin tones enjoy the HC200. The HC200 CBS has 3.3hp and the normal HC200 2kW. The HC200 is not a typical scooter due to its range and top speed.

The HC200 has a 75km range at 45km/h. CBS and regular variants have the same top speed. The HC200’s lithium-ion battery recharges in 3.5 hours, which is good. The battery pack is fixed. The standard HC200 has 190mm rear and 220mm front disc brakes with single-piston calipers. HC200 CBS has a Combined Braking System.

Aluminum forks and hydraulic shocks connect the electric bike’s 14-inch wheels to the chassis. The HC200 E-scooter’s seat height is 763mm, midrange among competitors. Reverse and USB-C ports are on the HC200.

The Sarkcyber HC200 e-scooter offers 3.6L of storage beneath the leg board and a helmet-sized under-seat compartment. Italy’s new Sarkcyber e-scooter costs €4,390. Other EU and UK markets may offer the HC200. Italian Keeway/MBP dealers sell the model.

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