Twitter Increases Tweet Limit to 10,000 Characters for Blue Users

In the United States, Twitter Blue users have had a 280-character tweet limit since February. After that, users were granted access to tweets with up to 4,000 characters. The good news is that Twitter has more than increasing the number of tweets you can send at once. You did hear correctly. The company has introduced 10,000-character tweet support for paid users.

Twitter Write has confirmed that premium users can now write tweets of up to 10,000 characters. The bold and italic versions of text formatting are now supported on the Twitter platform. It will make it possible for content creators to utilize elements in order to break up potential giant blocks of text.

By increasing the maximum number of characters that Blue users can use for each tweet, it would not be incorrect to claim that Twitter is providing producers with more tools to keep their subscribers engaged.

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They’ll be able to upload “hours-long videos” without the company’s interference. But Twitter is also making these changes so that it can reach more users with advertisements. So, let’s see if this new version of the subscription service does better.