YouTube Cracking Down on Fan Channels and Updates Impersonation Policy

The YouTube policy on impersonation is being revised. YouTube’s new rules will apply to fan channels that share too many similarities with other channels. It also implies that if you aren’t careful, your Channels may close for good.

YouTube has an infinite number of channels, making it difficult to stand out from the crowd. Popular channels that have been operating for a while and amassed thousands (or even millions) of subscribers are typically the focus of fan channels created by other users. There is a delicate line between devotion and outright mimicry regarding the content these fan channels serve forth.

Youtube Fan Channels Updates

YouTube is changing its rules about impersonation and how it applies to fan feeds to stop this from happening. The new policy makes it pretty clear that fan sites are okay. 9to5Google says that it should be a fan account and not a copy of the real thing.

The new policy says that a channel can be shut down if it copies another channel’s general look and small details like a profile picture or background. Basically, if a channel looks like it’s trying to copy another, it’s breaking the impersonation rules.

To avoid this, creators are urged to clarify that the channel is for fans. It should also be clear that the channel “does not represent the original creator, artist, or entity that the channel is celebrating.”

When the new update to YouTube goes into force on August 21, channels that use “impersonation” could be shut down.

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